Deputies search for missing 13-year-old boy

Dalton Loesch, 13, has been missing since Monday afternoon.

The Emmet County Sheriff's Office is currently looking for a missing child in Readmond Township near Cross Village.

Dalton Loesch, 13, has been missing since Monday afternoon.

"With the heat like this, not knowing if he has water, yeah we are concerned about him," RFC Fire Department Lt. Austin Mesner said.

According to sheriff's deputies, Dalton was last seen running east into the woods a quarter mile south of Island View Road.

Dozens of deputies and volunteers are now scanning the woods to try to find the teen.

"It is a large area we are not sure if you still on foot or he could have moved and got a ride and could be out of the area so what we are trying to do is eliminate the likely spots right around here," Emmet County Sheriff's Deputy Lt. Mike Keiser said.

Dalton is described as a Hispanic boy, 4'9" and 90 pounds. He was last seen wearing a orange/red shirt, blue shorts and white tennis shoes. He wears glasses, has brown hair and brown eyes.

Sheriff Wallin said his office activated a Child is Missing alert, which contacts citizens living in the area of the scene asking for information.

If you have any information about Dalton's whereabouts, you are asked to call 231-439-8900.