Deputies search for Wexford County gas thief

Deputies say the driver of this truck stole more than $200 worth of diesel fuel from a Haring Township gas station.

Wexford County Sheriff's Deputies are searching for a person who stole fuel from a gas station on two occasions.

According to Detective Sergeant Chris Piskor, the driver of a
white Chevrolet pick-up left the Wesco gas station in Haring Township without paying for $122.92 worth of diesel fuel on November 12.

The same truck came back on November 18, pumped $101 worth of diesel, and drove off again without paying.

There is very little information about the vehicle, other than the custom-made aluminum truck bed. Deputies think it could be a fleet vehicle based on the numbers below the drivers side mirror.

Anyone with information can contact the Wexford County Sheriff's Office at 231-779-9211 or the Silent Observer Tip Line at 231-779-9215.