Deputy falls through floor of trailer, finds stolen goods and pot

Josh McMillan was arrested in connection with a rash of break-ins in Chippewa County.

Two men have been arrested in connection to a rash of break-ins in Chippewa County.

Last Saturday, a Trout Lake resident filed a complaint that their home had been broken into. An investigation led deputies to a trailer where Victor and Josh McMillan lived.

A search warrant was executed and deputies found stolen items in their home. While searching the home, a deputy fell through the floor and found more stolen goods and a small marijuana grow operation under the trailer.

Deputies have linked this father-son duo to two break-ins in Trout Lake, but believe they could be connected to as many as eight total break-ins. Evidence from the crime scenes has been sent to the Michigan State Police crime lab to confirm the connection.

The father and son were arraigned in district court today. Victor is being charged with one count of possession of stolen property between $1,000 and $20,000 and one count of possession of a controlled substance. Josh is being charged with two counts of second degree home invasion.