Diver dies in Lake Huron near Bois Blanc Island

A certified and experienced diver died while scuba diving east of Bois Blanc Island in Lake Huron Sunday afternoon.

A 62-year-old man, with no health problems and proper diving certifications, died while scuba diving east of Bois Blanc Island in Lake Huron on Sunday afternoon.

The diver experienced an emergency about 15 minutes into his dive, according to Petty Officer 3rd Class Christopher Yaw of the United States Coast Guard.

He was about 160-feet under water on a technical dive to explore a Persian shipwreck site five miles east of Bois Blanc Island.

Joe Lavender, a co-owner of the boat that took the group out to the dive site, said he was stunned to hear the 62-year-old man who was qualified to do the technical dive had drowned.

â??Everyone does their dive planning,â??said Lavender. â??Plan your dive, and dive your plan, which this was the case and itâ??s unfortunate this happened.â??

Sergeant Randy Parros of the Michigan State Police Dive Unit said the diver might have been trapped underneath the wreckage.

â??With these deeper dives and diving under shipwrecks, sometimes they become silty and visibility gets lost,â?? said Sgt. Parros. â??Sometimes there are boards and other debris from the wreckage that might block a path.â??

Michigan State Police investigators believe the diver suffered an embolism from coming to the surface too fast without depressurizing.

His crew brought the diver aboard the boat and found him unconscious and barely breathing.

The diver then went into cardiac arrest.

A crew from the Coast Guard Station St. Ignace responded to the incident. EMT's got into the dive boat where they gave the diver medical treatment.

The response boat escorted the dive boat to Cheboygan and the diver was taken to the McLaren Northern Michigan Cheboygan Campus.

The diver was pronounced dead at the hospital.

PO3 Yaw said the dive vessel was taking friends on a dive trip and was not under charter at the time.

Michigan State Police is continuing its investigation.

The name of the diver has not been released by Michigan State Police.