DNR is fishing for answers from anglers

The Department of Natural Resources will be asking anglers about their fishing experiences. The DNR is collecting data at lakes, rivers and Great Lakes ports.

DNR creel clerks will ask anglers how long they fished, what species they were targeting and how many fish were harvested and/or released. In some cases, clerks may ask to measure or weigh fish and take scale samples.

The efforts are part of the departmentâ??s Statewide Angler Survey Program, a long-term monitoring program designed to track recreational fisheries across the Great Lakes.

"The point of the whole program is to characterize how many fish are harvested, how many hours anglers spend fishing, and what fish they're targeting," said DNR fisheries biologist Tracy Kolb. "We use this information to manage fisheries across the state."

Kolb said it usually only takes a few minutes to answer the creel clerksâ?? questions and that the DNR appreciates anglers' cooperation.

Anglers interested in seeing the results from surveys of Great Lakes in previous years can find them online by clicking here.