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      Doctor accused of sexually assaulting patient under guise of treatment

      An Emmet County doctor is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a patient.

      According to the Emmet County Sheriff, Richard. D. Ferguson, 60, was arrested Wednesday for an "inappropriate doctor-patient relationship" that happened on June 1, 2012.

      Ferguson was a family care physician at Little Traverse Bay Family Medicine on the east side of Petoskey.

      According to documents from the Sheriff's office, the victim was treated by Ferguson since she was a child. She allegedly went to him seeking help for "flashbacks and reprecussions" she was having that stemmed from a sexual abuse she had when she was much younger.

      As part of her "treatment," Ferguson repeatedly sexually assaulted her to "make her comfortable with her sexuality."

      During this time, Ferguson hired the victim to work in his office, and would continue to sexually assault her under the guise of "therapy."

      The victim told deputies that on numerous occasions, Ferguson would try to have intercourse during "therapy." She later resisted his advances and quit her job.

      The affidavit says there were many comments made by Ferguson that these sexual acts were "necessary to assist her in being more comfortable with her body and the idea of sex."

      Police say she confronted him about the assaults while wearing a wire, at the request of police, and he admitted to much of the abuse.

      Ferguson was charged with four counts of third degree criminal sexual conduct (force or coercion), four counts of fourth degree criminal sexual conduct (force or coercion), one count of attempted third degree criminal sexual conduct and one count of attempted sexual intercourse under the pretext of medical treatment.

      Ferguson was released from jail on a $10,000 bond.

      He is scheduled to be arraigned on May 5.