Doe does 'a lot of bucks' of damage at car dealership

The wife of a technician at Bob Mathers Ford in Boyne City got a scare as she was waiting in the garage for her husband.

The woman was standing at the desk when a deer ran past her through the garage and smashed through the back window.

But this wasn't the first window the deer came in contact with.

Just a few seconds earlier it ran straight into the front window of the dealership, which is thick glass, shattering it but not breaking through. It then fell into a box before getting its legs back and making its way to the garage.

No one was hurt, not even the doe, but Bob Mathers says the damage adds up to over $2,000.

"That doe sure did cost me a lot of bucks," Mathers jokes.

The windows have been boarded up, something Mathers doesn't like.

"It's our busy here...and I don't want people to think we've gone out of business," Mathers says.

They've combated that fear by posting a picture of the deer that says "If you see this deer, please thank her for the broken windows!!"

"You've just got to make light of it," Mathers said.