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      Don't let your Butterball turn into a fireball

      Thanksgiving just a few short days away and people are preparing for a turkey-feast. There are plenty of ways to prepare your bird. You can roast it, grill it, or deep fry it. Deep frying can be dangerous, however, if you don't take the proper steps.

      Local fire departments are warning those who are deep frying turkeys to be extra careful.

      "Some of the risk involved when using a turkey fryer would be over filling. They typically use five gallons of oil, so over filling can have the oil spill over the side," said Meredith Hawes, of Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department. "There are many other ways you can avoid a grease fire at your house."

      Hawes adds its important that turkeys be thawed completely, or they can combust.

      "We see folks who use turkey fryers in doors, in a garage, or on a deck and that's dangerous. They really need to be outside,â?? said Hawes.

      There are some tips you can use to protect your children from serious injury as well.

      "Stay home and make sure you're available to check on your turkey. Also, be sure you're keeping a kid free zone in the kitchen. Keep them at least three feet back from the stove top," recommends Hawes.