Dozens gather to learn about PTSD epidemic

According to a study by the U.S. government, a veteran commits suicide every 65 minutes,

According to a government study, a veteran commits suicide every 65 minutes.

For Traverse City-based group, A Matter Of Honor, it's an epidemic that has to change.

AMOH hosted a town meeting Monday to talk about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, its symptoms and how to treat it.

Members of the military were there with their families, as well as concerned citizens.

Joni Sanborn doesn't suffer from PTSD, and she doesn't have family in the military.

She came because she wants to help with a solution to a growing problem.

"The sad thing is that we are trying to avoid a terrible crisis," Sanborn said. "We call it an epidemic because it is an epidemic, people taking their own lives because of PTSD".

AMOH does several town meetings and projects for veterans throughout the year.

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