Dozens of neglected animals are safe and recovering

The neglected animals that were removed from a Hawk farm Friday are now in safe hands. Twenty-two horses, five dogs, and three pigs are each being fed and are getting the personal attention that they need. Volunteers from all over the county are coming together to make help nurse these animals back to good health.

They were placed into their new homes immediately after they were found hungry and mal-nurished at a nearby farm owned by 33-year-old Christine Thompson. Investigators say some of the animals were near death when they found them. A local veternarian is keeping a close eye on the animals and lots of people want to help.

""The public support is just overwhelming at this point, we have people from all over the state and the U.P. also donating and wanting to help in any way they can and were trying to assist them by telling them what is happening, where we're at and we'll be notifying them about what the future will hold," Animal Control deputy Dave Tomas said.

Investigators tell 7&4 news that there is another farm that has animals that belong to Thompson. At this time they are working with the prosecutor to get permission to investigate the location. They don't believe the animals are in immediate danger.

Animal control officers say there are still a few horses still at the farm they searched last Friday, but they are unable to remove them at this time, but they are being taken care of by local volunteers.