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      Driver sentenced in Kalkaska County triple fatal crash

      Rhonda Mitchell, the woman involved in a triple fatal crash in April involving the Grayling golf team, was sentenced to one year in the county jail.

      As part of a plea bargain, Mitchell pleaded no contest to a charge of moving violation causing death.

      Mitchell was originally facing charges of manslaughter and moving violation causing death.

      There were many tears shed as letters that were written by the victims' families were read by the Kalkaska County Prosecutor Mike Perrault.

      A friend of Mitchell also read a letter describing the kind of person Mitchell is. Mitchell apologized to the victims' families before she was sentenced.

      "It is something I will live with for the rest of my life, and I don't know if any of the families are here, but I'd like to say sorry. I'm really sorry about everything," said Mitchell.

      Judge Lynne Buday sentenced Mitchell to 365 days in the county jail. She said Mitchell will be tether eligible after 60 days and eligible for probation after 90 days.

      When released from jail Mitchell will have to complete an assessment through Catholic Human Services and follow through with recommended treatment.

      She will also have to complete weekly random urine and preliminary breath tests.

      Judge Buday also issued an order for Mitchell to not be allowed to consume or possess any alcohol or unprescribed drugs.

      She is not allowed to enter into any business where alcohol is served by the glass.

      A police investigation released in June shows both Mitchell and Grayling High School golf coach Jason Potter were at fault in the crash.

      Potter, who was driving the van carrying members of the Grayling High School golf team, was killed in the crash.

      Louis Menard, who was on the golf team, also was killed in the golf team's van and five other players were hurt.

      Cassandra Stapleton, 27, Mitchell's daughter who was a passenger in the van Mitchell was driving, was also killed.

      Mitchell's toxicology report showed she had marijuana and morphine in her system. Potter's toxicology report showed no signs of alcohol or controlled substances.

      State Police say Mitchell did have a medical marijuana card, but it had expired a year earlier. She also had a prescription for the morphine.