Drivers bracing for icy conditions

When the snow falls, it's more difficult to see the lines on streets. Drivers are urged to be cautious.

Northern Michigan got its first taste of slippery roads Monday.

Several crashes occurred in Mancelona, Manistee, Kalkaska, and Traverse City.

The roads were dangerous for the drivers out and about.

â??It's not really safe,â?? said Tristin Martin from Traverse City. â??The snow blocks your view.â??

Several people we spoke with had had a hard time on the slippery pavement.

â??It's so icy that my car wouldn't stop at the red light, so I had to turn. The car that was going to go straight started honking. It was super scary,â?? said Martin.

â??I slid coming right up this driveway right here, so not very good so far,â?? said Kelli Sweet from Traverse City.

â??A younger guy who I work with took out a mailbox and it was just from, he was driving like a normal person,â?? said John Wagner from Traverse City.

Temperatures hovered in the thirties Monday, and lake effect snow covered parts of northern Michigan.

For those who have been in snow-related accidents before, staying safe is no joke.

â??I've learned my lesson from that,â?? said Joe LeFever from Traverse City. â??I definitely take a lot more precautions since then.â??

Remember to drive slowly and allow for extra stopping distance.

The most important things for Sweet are â??having patience, going slow, and anticipating what the car in front of you is going to do. If they're going to slide off the road, just pay attention.â??

Pedestrians need to realize that cars may not be in complete control, that avoiding obstacles is not as easy on slippery roads.

â??You don't see me walking on the sides where there's cars behind me and I'm not aware of what's going on,â?? said Wagner. â??I make myself as aware as I can given the situation.â??

Above all, realize that it's not just your own safety at risk in many situations.

â??I don't want to endanger anybody else's lives as much as my own,â?? said Martin.

This is just the start of winter conditions, so plan accordingly. Keep an emergency kit in your car in case of an accident.