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      Drunk driver flees scene after crashing into school bus

      A Wolverine woman was arrested for her third drunk driving offense after crashing into a Wolverine School Bus and fleeing the scene.

      A W olverine woman was arrested for her fifth drunk driving offense after crashing into a Cheboygan school bus and then taking off.

      F ortunately the students on board walked away unharmed , but now the driver is facing some serious charges.

      S tudents were stunned after a PT cruiser crossed the centerline and slammed into the bus at the intersection of East Main St. and South Straits Highway in Wolverine.

      "I t's just tense moments when you hear bus accident , you don't know what happened or what took place," Mark Dombroski, Cheboygan School Superintendent said.

      T he driver of the car was Susan Banister,54, of Wolverine.

      I mmediately after the crash , she walked away from the scene.

      "T he driver of the car got out of the car and started walking away from the scene and was picked up by another person and tak en home ," Lt. Tim Cook said.

      I nvestigators later tracked Banister down and arrested her for operating while intoxicated.

      S he was also driving without a license and had four previous drunk driving convictions on her record.

      S he is being charged with three counts that could land her up to five years in prison.

      "I t's very fortunate that none of the children were hurt on that bus ," Lt. Cook said. "A nd it's very unfortunate that she took it upon herself to be driving while under suspicion for dr i nk ing and not having a valid license ."

      Twelve students were on the bus. M ost of them being transported from Cheboygan County's vocational school back to their homes in Wolverine.

      "W olverine sent a bus and was able to load students off of the bus to their bus and deliver them to their final destination ," Dombroski said.

      B anister remains in jail tonight on a $50,000 cash bond.

      S he will be back in court for a preliminary examination on April 30.