Eastwood Van Gundy: From homeless pet to social media hound

Photo of Eastwood. Courtesy: Little Traverse Bay Humane Society

(WPBN/WGTU) -- It's a rags to riches story of the best kind, from a homeless pet left behind to one of the most well known pups in the country.

Detroit Pistons Coach Stan Van Gundy and his family adopted Eastwood Tuesday morning from the Little Traverse Bay Humane Society following a post about the pooches plight that went viral.

One-year-old Eastwood was the only dog that remained at the Little Traverse Bay Humane Society in Harbor Springs following the Empty the Shelters event. Shelter employees said Eastwood was brought to the shelter after he was found wandering out in the cold, practically blind without a place to call home.

The Humane Society says Eastwood has an eye defect that should have been taken care of when he was a puppy, but his vision has since improved. Additionally, Eastwood has a genetic leg deformity that the Humane Society says should have also been fixed a long time ago.

The Humane Society says although the veterinarian is not recommending surgery for Eastwood's leg at this time, he could need surgery in the future, which his new family would be responsible for.

The Humane Society got an overwhelming amount of calls and messages to adopt Eastwood, including the Detroit Pistons Coach. After several people called in to recommend the Van Gundy's, they were chosen.

Stan says adopting Eastwood just made sense.

"We had just lost a 14-year-old dog, had just passed away in March, so my wife Kim thought it was basically destiny!"

Stan says he isn't sure if they'll be teaching Eastwood to play basketball, like the rest of his Detroit Pistons family, but he guarantees Eastwood won't be bored.

The Van Gundy family started some social media fan pages for Eastwood this week so people could check in on him and follow his journey.

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