Escaped inmate search heats up

UPDATE: Michigan State Police will take over the search for escaped convict, Everett Robinson. They are hoping with their bigger command center and more resources, they can find Robinson quickly.

The Sheriff's Office has confirmed a woman on Nestel Rd. saw Everett Robinson at her home on Wednesday. Robinson approached the women's home with a gun. She screamed to her kids to call 911 and Robinson took off.

Police dogs were able to pick up Robinson's scent and got within a quarter of a mile of him, but the dogs got tired and had to stop. The search is currently confined to an area South of M-55, east of Maple Valley Road, and North of Waco Road in Backus Township.


fficers also reported finding evidence that Robinson had been hiding in a deer blind and had eaten there. He is still considered armed and dangerous.

He was last seen

wearing grey shorts and a grey shirt and is barefoot. He still had handcuffs on his right wrist and a gun.

Nighttime patrols and a state police helicopter with heat seeking infrared took part in the search last night.

If you see anything you are asked to call
877-616-4677 or 1-855-642-4847.