Evacuations ordered along Muskegon River in Newaygo County

The Newaygo County Emergency Manager is ordering evacuations along the Muskegon River due to flooding.

The Newaygo County Emergency Manager is ordering evacuations along the Muskegon River due to flooding.

An alert was posted to the Newaygo ES Facebook page shortly after 9 a.m. Monday.

The message says the river at the Croton River Gauge is at 11.39 feet, which says it is higher than last year. It also warns that the river could get 13 feet.

Flood stage is 9 feet or higher.

Residents are being asked to evacuate now.

A Red Cross shelter has been set up for those affected by the flooding in Newaygo County. The shelter is likely to open by 5 p.m. Monday at the Resonant Church at 302 E. 68th St. in Newaygo.

The following roads are currently closed due to flooding:

-Troy Township: Dickinson between 17 Mile and 16 Mile

-Lilley Township: 14 Mile East of railroad

-Beaver Township: Warner between 12 Mile and Hayes

-Beaver Township: Warner between 11 Mile and 10 Mile

-Dayton Township: Ramshorn and 32nd

-Sherman Township: 32nd and Ferris

-Sherman Township: 40th East of Ferris

-Sheridan Township: 92nd and Lupin

-Garfield Township: Wisteria Drive East of Luce

-Bridgeton Township: Main Street off from Turner - S. of 128th

-Bridgeton Township: S. River Drive and Maple Island

-Bridgeton Township: Fitzgerald and 124th

-Ashland Township: Sugar Bush and Maple Drive off Croswell

Due to unsafe river conditions, people are also asked to stay off the river until the Flood Warning is lifted. All state-owned access sites have been closed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

The Newaygo County Emergency Operations Center is asking residents to take the following steps in preparing to evacuate:

-Collect only essential items to take with you including prescription medications

-Close and lock all doors and windows

-Unplus electrical equipment such as radios, televisions, and small appliances including microwaves. Leave freezers and refrigerators plugged in unless there is a risk of flooding.

-Take all family members and pets with you

-If you have transportation, offer assistance to your neighbors if they have no transportation

-Follow recommended evacuation routes. Do not take shortcuts, they may be blocked.

-Be alert for washed out roads and bridges. Do not drive into water covering the road or flooded areas and stay away from downed power lines.

-Continue monitoring your radio for additional information

-Call 911 to report a life threatening condition