Everett Robinson caught

Michigan State Police have confirmed that fugitive Everett Robinson has been caught.

Robinson was discovered at 6:47 this morning in an elevated deer blind near Railroad Grade in Nester Township. The Emergency Support Team forced open the door and found the fugitive, who immediately surrendered with no resistance. Robinson was dehydrated, dirty and had cuts all over his body. He was suffering from dysentery and is being provided medical treatment.

According to the Michigan State Police, Robinson broke into at least one cabin, a travel trailer and three deer blinds during the week he was missing. The handgun stolen from the deputy has been recovered. However, the State Police believe that Robinson was involved in other cases of breaking and entering and perhaps stole a pistol. Police are asking area residents to check their properties for stolen clothing and weapons.

Additional charges are being sought for two counts of assault, breaking and entering, disarming a police officer, and several others potentially.

The Michigan State Police are thanking their community for their help and support during the search.