Facebook and surveillance help business owner hunt down suspect

Surveillance video caught a man taking computers from inside Jackpine Business Center in Manistee.

Two Manistee men are behind bars after they were caught on camera raiding nearly $5,000 dollars worth of computers and E-pads from a downtown business.

Jackpine Business Center located on Filer street in Manistee was hit not once but three times over the weekend. And while some of the computers have been recovered there are still several that are missing.

The man was observed by the business owner walking out of the busienss with a computer on Friday morning. The same suspect came back on Saturday and stole about one or two more computers. The thefts took place during business hours. But It didn't end there, the same suspect came back with another man during the overnight hours on Saturday and broke into the business.

The owner of the store reported the theft to police and shared pictures of the suspect on Facebook.

Using the footage and working with probation officers, police were able to identify a 25-year-old Manistee man they believe is involved in the crimes, as well as a second suspect. Both suspects were arrested Monday afternoon and charged with probation violations. Police say physical evidence was collected that ties both suspects to the break in and one of the suspects to the

larcenies during business hours.

The 25 year old will be charged with three counts of retail fraud for taking computers during business hours. Three computers that were stolen have been recovered. In addition several pieces of evidence were collected that link both men to the break in over the weekend. That evidence will need to be processed and evaluated before formal charges are brought for the break in.

Investigating officers have recovered three computers and several other items from the crimes. However there are still 5 computers and two Epads unaccounted for.

Police say the suspects tried to sell these items throughout the community over the weekend. Anyone who purchased a computer over the weekend from this crime is asked to contact the Manistee City Police Department at 231-723-2533,

If the computers are turned in to police no charges will be sought against the buyers for purchasing stolen property. Police are also asking anyone who was approached to buy the computers and refused to call the department and talk to officers.