Fact Finder: Scammer has alarming personal info about Michigan residents

An alarming phone scam is circulating throughout Michigan.

An alarming phone scam is circulating throughout Michigan.

Our investigation started when an unusual phone call was made to a 7&4 News employee.

The scam artist who left a voicemail claimed to be a debt collector and used a variety of scare tactics to try to get money.

The caller had not only the last four digits of her Social Security number, the make and model of her car and her license plate number.

He then continued to say that she was being given formal notice and that he would be forced to take her car either at her house, or at her place of employment.

This voicemail raised plenty of concerns, so we turned to the Michigan State Police for answers.

â??As far as to obtaining someone's license plate and being that detailed is pretty difficult to do, unless you follow somebody or see them parked at a residence and take down their license plate number,â?? MSP Sgt. Jeff Gorno said.

Sgt. Gorno has a file full of scams that people have fell victim to over the years.

He says most of the time it is a similar story. These scammers use personal details to draw you in.

Sgt. Gorno says that in the coming years, we will likely see more and more of our personal details being used in scams like these.

â??The more details they give you and the more believable they are, the more high-risk it is in the more vulnerable people are at,â?? Sgt. Gorno said.

Sgt. Gorno says the best way to avoid being scammed is to be aware that scams like this are out there. And he says that it is best to avoid taking their calls.