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      Fair welcomes visitors for 108th year

      T he 108th Emmet-Charlevoix County Fair has opened its gates and is inviting visitors in for a week full of events

      " Every year I came to the fair and I always wanted to go to the t-barn and so I can look at the pigs," Jacob Kerner-Deyoung, 4-H participant said.

      A ll those years of coming to the fair made Jacob realize that he wanted to raise a pig.

      " She's a very playful pig and very nice so raising her was lots of fun," Kerner-Deyoung said.

      S o he raised Madeline, a 300 pound hog, that he will show off in a 4-H competition at the fair. A yearly showcase that allows local kids to compete and gives fair goers the chance to watch.

      T he farm aspect is just one of many fun things families can experience at the fair.

      " I like coming out and having lots of fun checking out all the food and riding ride s," Erik Hosler, fair attendee said.

      G ames and the thrilling rides are sure to entertain any kid and at night , country concerts, monster truck shows, and live auctions make this event fun for all ages.

      " Everybody needs fair food at least once a year ," Agnes Shaw, Emmet-Charlevoix County Fair Manager said.

      For a full list of events, CLICK HERE.