Fall feel to air although signs of warmer weather late month

Unseasonably cool weather Tuesday with a few lake effect rain showers. Signs point to warmer weather making a return in a week or two.

Although temperatures will be a lot cooler than normal the next couple of days, there are signs that the overall pattern that has kept it cool the past few weeks may be breaking down.

The passage of a cold front late Monday has switched winds northerly with temperatures struggling to get out of the 60's both Tuesday along with Wednesday. The feel of fall will be noted, and at least Tuesday, there is the potential for a few rogue lake effect rain showers as the cooler air passing over the warmer waters of the Great Lakes should induce a lake response in the form of clouds and also a few showers. The most likely places for these Tuesday will be along/east of Interstate-75 including Northeast Lower Michigan. Any rain showers would be brief and not amount to a whole lot.

Dry weather will follow suit with an extended stretch without any rain coming up. In fact, we may not see any chance for rain until perhaps the middle/end of next week... around August 21st onward.

The bigger story is that it appears that the upper air pattern will be undergoing a major realignment over the next couple of weeks with a trend towards warmer weather once again. Northern Michigan has been virtually stuck underneath of large trough for the past month or so with a northwest flow aloft. It appears that hot air over the southwestern U.S. may get a shove in our direction as a large ridge builds in across the Great Lakes towards the end of the month allowing much warmer temperatures to make a return appearance.