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      Fallen soldier's father upset at Congress for delaying death benefits

      D an Robinson is outraged that it took this long to get a measure passed to help military families.

      T he Senate has passed a bill today that will allow an outside charity to cover the costs of military death benefits for families until the shutdown is resolved.

      A lthough most people are happy that the costs are now being covered , they are also angry that the shutdown has led to this. T hat includes one northern Michigan father, whose son was killed while fighting in Afghanistan.

      D an Robinson is outraged that it took this long to get a measure passed to help military families. Robinson lost his son Heath back in 2011 after his helicopter was attacked in Afghanistan.

      H e said during that time , having the death benefits available for Heath's wife and child was essential.

      " We know that in these times there is a lot of chaos and a lot of turmoil if you don't want to have to worry about money," Robinson said.

      S ince the beginning of the shutdown , four families around the country have not been able to receive benefits after a loved one died in the war.

      T his news has drawn strong emotions from the veteran community.

      " This is a sacred area that they should not be trampling on because they are there because of all of our veterans and all of our war hero es," Jim Alton, Emmet County Veteran's Affairs Director said.

      E ven though this measure has been passed , R obinson says the frustrations will continue , while many veterans and their families continue to wonder if the government truly has their best interests in mind.

      " We need to let everyone know in the Congress and in the Senate that this is unacceptable and I'm glad that this past for the family but they still had those many days where they were unsure of what was going to take place and that is wrong ," Robinson said.