Family grieving after deadly Wexford County shooting

The family is grieving over the loss of a mother, daughter, sister and friend, Lindsey Morgan.

The family of 34-year-old Lindsey Morgan of Wexford County was able to confirm that she was the victim in Fridayâ??s deadly shooting in Buckley.

The Lindsey A. Morgan Memorial Fund has been set up at the Honor Bank to help with funeral expenses. Click here for the donation website. Or donate via Paypal,

â??She was a loving mother, she loved her kids, fun to be around,â?? said Lindseyâ??s father, Mike Burley.

The family is grieving over the loss of a mother, daughter, sister and friend.

â??One minute she was here, and the next minute she was gone, this is something you see on TV and not on reality,â?? said Burleyâ??s girlfriend Sandra Clark.

They said Lindsey was shot and killed by her boyfriend, Erik Beauchamp Friday. Lindsey was a mother to four children, and her family says her kids were everything to her.

â??She spent a lot of time with her children, they were pretty much a 24/7 job for her,â?? said Burley.

According to the family, Lindsey was the type of person that would accomplish pretty much anything she put her mind to, and that youâ??d always notice her presence when she walked into the room.

â??Our biggest concern right now is her children,â?? said Burley. â??I just want whatâ??s best for them, theyâ??ve got quite a future ahead of them.â??

The family said theyâ??re grateful for all of the support the community has given them during this difficult time.

â??Weâ??ll appreciate every help we can get to keep these kids happy,â?? said Clark. â??We appreciate it totally.â??