Family of nine without a home after fire

An Antrim County home is destroyed by fire and a family of nine is left with nothing .

The fire ripped through the Mancelona Township home early Sunday morning.

"There was nothing in the stove, turned around, and there was smoke coming in the front door, kicked the door shut, started hollering, let's go, we got to get the hell out of here!" explains Nathen Haney, who was inside of the home when it caught fire around 3:30 Sunday morning.

Vivid accounts when Haney woke up to the smell of smoke. It wasn't uncommon, the house is heated by a wood burner, but this time, he's counting his blessings that he got up and looked.

"I didn't care about nothing, I grabbed the kids, grabbed granny up, let's go, once the kids were out, basically, you couldn't see back in there to get anything," says Haney.

There were nine people inside, including Haneyâ??s grandmother, his three children and one of his four year-old nephews. Everyone made it out of the 150 year old home ok.

"One of the original Wetzel Lake settlement houses, dry wood, bloom construction, no fire stops, went real fast," explains Mancelona Township Fire Chief Ed Sayre.

Within an hour, everything inside, including some family pets and all of the family belongings, was lost. Because of the age of the house, they couldn't get it insured.

â??The family, we got the most important, now, it's just time to rebuild from there," says Haney.

The Haneyâ??s are hoping to get some help. Right now, they are staying in a fifth wheel camper behind whatâ??s left of the house.