Family remembering co-founder of Hagerty Insurance

Frank Hagerty, the man who created a global leader in specialty insurance, is being remembered after passing away at the age of 79.

A northern Michigan man who created a global leader in specialty insurance is being remembered.

Frank Hagerty passed away Tuesday at the age of 79.

â??He was really a visionary person. He just was always filled with great visionary ideasâ?¦ when my dad said I've got the best idea you're like 'oh boy here we go. What's he going to come up with?' I think I have a little bit of that that I've taken from him,â?? said Frank's son McKeel Hagerty.

After working for an insurance agency, Frank and Louise started Hagerty Insurance in 1984. It's now one of the largest employers in Traverse City and the largest insurer of classic boats and cars in the world.

It wasn't all work for Frank as he enjoyed pulling a few pranks here and there.

"He had this person, kind of a friend who lived in this big fancy house and would only drive a Mercedes-Benz. I mean this person was never seen without being dressed to the nines, and a Mercedes-Benz. He got a Yugo out of a junkyard with no wheels, and when the guy was away had it dumped in his front yard so that when he came home there was this broken down Yugo in front of it. I remember him telling the story and I'm like 'did you really?' Then I thought that's my dad. He loved doing stuff like that.â??

â??I think it's the way you approach things. He fixed cars; he helped people that needed a little help. He rescued pets; cats from Hurricane Katrina. It was just my dad. It all fit together and I think that's the greatest legacy he had and I'm just proud of him. I'm going to miss him.â??

Visitation for Frank Hagerty will be held at Reynolds-Jonkhoff Funeral Home on Sunday, March 23rd from 4-7 p.m.

Funeral services will be held at the Central United Methodist Church on Monday, March 24th at 11 a.m.

In lieu of sending flowers, the family is asking for people to consider rescuing a pet or donating to the Humane Society.