Father-in-law speaks out at Sarah Knysz hearing

Sarah Knysz, the wife of accused trooper shooter Eric Knysz was back in a Manistee County courtroom Tuesday.

Sarah Knysz, the wife of accused trooper shooter Eric Knysz was back in a Manistee County courtroom Tuesday. Sarah is charged with one count of unlawful driving away of a motor vehicle in Manistee County. These charges are based off of events that police say happened after Michigan State Police Trooper Paul Butterfield was shot in Mason County.

For the first time, Eric Knysz's father John talked about why he thinks drugs may have caused his son to shoot Trooper Butterfield.

â??He did get in trouble but the drugs are what set him offâ?¦ he was hurt because he hurt himself. The drugs didn't help. Went to the hospital, took more drugs, didn't help, then bought some on the street,â?? said John Knysz, Eric's Father. â??Apparently whatever he took it was more than enough to make him lose control. For all we know drugs could've made him think the trooper was a devil.â??

John and other family members were in Manistee County for their daughter-in-laws preliminary hearing. Michigan State Police Detective Sergeant Mark Miller took the stand and talked about what Sarah told him happened the night of September 9th.

â??She said they drove from that shooting scene directly to Eric's motherâ??s house which is in Lake County where they picked Ericâ??s mother up. Sarah said she went into the house, told the mother that they needed her help,â?? said Detective Miller.

Later that night, Eric, Sarah and Eric's mother parked near the home of Timothy Schultz, the owner of the car that State Police say the Knysz's stole less than an hour after the shooting. Timothy thought Eric was going to buy the car based on a past conversation.

â??I saw him walking down the road and he walked in the driveway. I proceeded out of the house and just asked him 'hey what's going on' and he just told me 'I just need to check something out' and he stepped in the car, looked in and drove out of the driveway,â?? said Schultz.

The judge ruled to send Sarah's case to circuit court for trial. A date has not yet been set.

Court documents show that Sarah admitted to removing the battery from her cell phone so police would not be able to track her and her husband.