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      Father-son duo turn small village into a booming development

      I t's one of the fastest growing communities in northern Michigan.

      I n two years , the Village of Walloon Lake has made the transition from a quiet town to a booming development.

      I t's all thanks to a father and son team , Jonathan and Matthew Borisch, that have poured millions into new buildings and businesses.

      Wednesday they broke ground on their newest project , a luxury hotel and Sunday they will reveal the newly renovated Walloon Lake Inn restaurant.

      "T his hopefully will continue to complement the other businesses that we've worked to install in the Village Walloon," Matthew Borisch said.

      The B orisch family are the minds and money behind this development, which features new restaurants, retail space, and recreational areas.

      T wo years ago it was drastically different , this community only had a post office and general store.

      "W e didn't have some great vision for the space ," Matthew Borisch said. "W e just knew it could be something that it wasn't when we started ."

      J onathan grew up on the lake in the 1950s and 60s and remembers a once booming town.

      I t had multiple hotels, marinas, and restaurants , but as time went on he watched it fade away.

      "I think what happened was some of the people that sponsored that grew old and passed away and nobody took their place ," Jonathan Borisch said.

      J ust a few years ago , the Borisch family sold their defense contracting company in Grand Rapids.

      T hen came back north and invested tens of millions of dollars into new development.

      "W e think people are anxious to come back and enjoy the village again so now we have the confidence to go forward with what we thought was a critical part of the village which is a hotel in the village ," Jonathan Borisch said.

      T he construction of the Hotel Walloon is slated to begin next week. The Borisch family hopes to have it open by next summer.