Feast or famine on Wednesday night's rain

This is a radar estimate of where the heaviest rain fell Wednesday evening. Most of it fell along/west of US-131.

Some beneficial rain fell across much of Northern Michigan Wednesday night although amounts varied widely with parts of Northeast Lower Michigan not seeing any at all.

The passage of a cold front set the stage for the rain and thunderstorms with the highest totals based on radar estimates falling along/west of highway US-131 in the Lower Peninsula. Radar estimated more than an inch falling in parts of Benzie and Manistee down into Mason and Oceana counties although the heaviest rain was very localized. A weather observer of ours in Scottville in Mason County measured 0.60" of rain overnight. In the meantime, places like Rogers City and Alpena didn't even see a drop.

A viewer did write us and tell us they measured a severe thunderstorm wind gust to 63 mph on the north shore of Crystal Lake in Benzie County although there was minimal damage noted.

It will be awhile until we get more. Northerly winds will push in a much drier and somewhat cooler airmass into first half of our weekend. Temperatures will remain in the 70's for the most part with lots of sunshine starting Thursday afternoon all the way into Saturday.

Looking longer term, heat will reassert itself late in the weekend into the early part of next week with Northern Michigan on the periphery of a dome of hot air building over the Central Plains. That will allow for temperatures to climb well into the 80's early next week with increasing humidity along with thunderstorms becoming increasingly likely Monday into Tuesday on the edge of that dome of hot air.