Female body found in Benzie County brush fire

The Benzie County Sheriff's office is investigating a body that was found while extinguishing a brush fire in Benzie County Sunday.

Neighbors are speaking out after firefighters found a woman's body at the site of a brush fire in Benzie County.

Although Benzie County Sheriff Ted Schendel has not released the womanâ??s name as of Tuesday evening, he did say she is a 58-year-old Benzie County resident.

â??We know that somebody else set the fire so that adds to the mystery,â?? said Schendel.

Terri Langley called 911 around 6 p.m. Sunday evening after she saw smoke coming from the woods in her neighborhood off Lamb Road in Inland Township.

â??It was a big billow of black smoke and my husband said we better go down there. We thought maybe it was our neighbor's home,â?? said Langley.

It turned out to be a tree that caught fire. Investigators found the woman's body under the same tree. It's still not clear how she ended up there.

â??You're looking at a potential homicide to maybe an accidental death and everything in between,â?? said Schendel.

Those investigating the case and neighbors are left with more questions than answers.

â??Really terrified. That was just our reaction and who could do such a thing and how could this happen and what happened,â?? said Langley.

â??The fire is what makes it very suspicious. Who set the fire? Did the victim set the fire or did someone else? That's what we have to determine,â?? said Schendel.

Schendel says there were no obvious signs of trauma to the woman's body, meaning they did not see any knife or bullet wounds.

The sheriff says there are no reports of missing people, and are following up on tips from the public.