Fido logs hours at the office

UpNorthLive's Facebook fans voted to hear more about the benefits of having their pets tag along with them to the office.

Take Your Dog To Work Day 2012 will be held Friday, June 22.

Take Your Dog To Work Day was first celebrated in 1999. Pet Sitters International started the event to show what great friends dogs can be and to encourage their adoption from humane societies, animal shelters and rescue clubs.

Many businesses open their doors to furry friends not only on this day but all year. Some employers say it boosts employee morale and productivity.

A 2006 APPMA survey indicated that one in five companies allow pets in the workplace. According to the survey, millions of employees felt that pets in the workplace led to a more creative environment, decreased absenteeism, improved productivity and helped co-workers get along better.

We asked our UpNorthLive Facebook fans about local businesses who enjoy bringing pets to the office each day and more than 100 people responded! You can see the conversation on our Facebook page and while you are there post a photo of your pet!

You can find many more resources on getting involved in this year's Take Your Dog To Work Day event. If your pooch needs some prepping before heading to the office click here for some tips!

Are you going to take part in Take Your Dog To Work Day? Vote in our poll below and don't forget to share your pet pictures with us of your pooch at the office!