Fife lake woman sent to jail for animal cruelty

Danelle Round left the courtroom in handcuffs Friday. The Fife Lake woman was sentenced to 14 days in jail after pleading guilty to one count of Animal Cruelty.

The Judge also ordered Round to have no contact with any animals as well as pay fines.

Police said two of her horses had to be euthanized and five others are still recovering.

7&4 News checked in with Horse North Rescue, where three horses are being nursed back to good health.

â??They came here 100 pounds lighter than they are today...and that was 55 days agoâ?¦Basically (feeding them) hay and water ... It is amazing what the basics can do. We added herbs, they hare herbivorous, so they absorb those nutrients really easily and we're doing a natural worming process for the parasites they had,â?? said Michelle Smith, Horse North Rescue.

The horses will be adopted out to a â??forever homeâ?? once they are back to full strength.

There are two other horses that are being treated at a separate facility. They are also expected to make a full recovery.

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