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      Filmmaker seeks funds by cycling around the state

      A S outh African filmmaker is cycling the perimeter of Michigan to help raise money to produce a paranormal movie.

      Wednesday, he stopped in Mackinaw City, which is the half way marker for his 1,300 mile trip.

      T his was just one of many stops he has made in northern Michigan on his 45 day trip around the mitt.

      " I love the idea that Michigan is very diverse as far as the amount of locations one has and it's very accommodating for filmmakers ," Davy said.

      D avy is scouting locations and looking for investors in each community he stops in.

      T he reason he chose to do it by bike is to show that he is committed to his film and will do anything to produce it.

      " You have to prove and show your work to show that you mean what you say and that you're serious about the film ," Davy said.

      D avy says the communities have welcomed him with open arms.

      H e is only months away from production on his feature length paranormal movie.

      B ut he is still seeking thousands of dollars to fund his project that will be filmed here in Michigan.

      H owever , he faces an uphill battle as he tries to fight larger production studios for public funding.

      " Even the big studio makers are getting on the crowd funding bandwagon and making it very difficult for guys like me to raise money for the small independent m icro budget films ," Davy said.

      Davy started his trip in Canton on September 14th and will finish his ride in the Detroit area.