Firefighters recovering after battling large fire at a Mackinac Island home

Firefighters recovering after battling large fire at a Mackinac Island home

MACKINAC ISLAND, Mi (WPBN/WGTU) -- Thursday night, several different fire departments sent help to put out a large fire at a historical lakefront home on Mackinac Island.

Luckily no one was home at the time.

About 50 firefighters were there to help out and two of them were hurt.

The Doud residence is a three story cottage on the Straits of Mackinac.

Firefighters said the fire started somewhere in the basement before spreading to the first and second floor.

"It’s a very large house," said Chief Jason St. Onge of the Mackinac Island Fire Department. "It’s probably 7,000 square feet. That allowed for the smoke to build and not become pressurized and when we finally got there, the entire house, third floor to bottom, was entirely was entirely filled with smoke. I would say in my 28 years, it was probably a top five.”

When firefighters first entered the house, part of the ceiling collapsed on one of them.

He recovered from it later in the evening.

Another firefighter, Justin Bazinan, hurt his hand while breaking through one of the house's windows.

“A piece of glass from the window went through my glove, into my thumb and severed a tendon," Bazinan said. "I didn’t even feel it, didn’t notice it until I looked down and saw the glass. I pulled the glass out myself and noticed I was injured, could move my thumb and that’s when I knew I had to go.”

About 20 of Mackinac Island's 23 firefighters were on the scene within just a few minutes of getting the call, but they said it wouldn't have gone as smoothly if it wasn't for the help of other local departments.

“The success of the extinguishment was tremendously based upon St. Ignace’s arrival as Mackinac Island firefighters were completely gassed, completely winded when help arrived," St. Onge said. "The guys were going down on one knee. They couldn’t carry on much longer, they were winded.”

Mackinaw City and Inverness Township firefighters came to help as well.

It's part of a mutual aid deal signed just days ago for fire departments to help each other out when they have serious fires.

“Last night it was just remarkable to see how fast they got here, a special thanks to all the men who came and helped,” said Mackinac Island Mayor Margaret Doud.

The owners of the home are Mayor Doud's cousins.

The home was built by Patrick Doud, who also built the Governor's residence on the island.

“They love the home," Mayor Doud said. "It’s a beautiful home, and it’s just tragic, but the good thing is, they will rebuild.

The home was not lost, crews are working right now to get it fixed up.

The Mackinac Island fire department is waiting for a fire investigator to determine what exactly started the fire.

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