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      First aid stand opens for sick bikes

      One-stop repair stand located in front of the, Traverse City visitor center at the edge of the TART trails.

      The next time you need your bike fixed, you can find a one-stop repair stand located in front of Traverse City's visitor center at the edge of the TART trails.

      This station has everything a cyclist needs to make quick repairs and adjustments for free.

      It includes an air pump, wrenches, screw drivers and it allows your wheels to spin while repairs are made.

      "The idea here is to let people know that if they have a little emergency and it's off hours they don't have to immediately go to a bike shop," Media Relations Manager Mike Norton said. "They can do what they need to get on to the next place while they're here at the visitors center,"

      A quick read, or QR code is also on the repair site. The QR code allows users to scan the code with their smart phone to upload free repair instructions.

      This bike repair stand was funded by the Traverse City Convention & Visitors Bureau for $1,200.