First ever wolf hunt comes to an end

M ichigan's first ever wolf hunt ended today , with 22 wolves killed since November 15th.


ichigan's first ever wolf hunt ended today


with 22 wolves killed
since November 15th.


It was a fairly modest and measured harvest and we will be looking at those harvest levels going forward

," Ed Golder, Michigan DNR Public Information Officer said.

Michigan hunters came up short of t

DNR's projected harvest of 43 wolves in a four county region in the Upper Peninsula.


We will be surveying hunters and looking at data and decide what's next

," Golder said.


he future of
this harvest is still uncertain. The DNR is required to present a new wolf hunt recommendation to the Natural Resources Commission this upcoming summer.


ut wildlife organizations hope to stonewall any efforts by the state.


We are continuing with our goal to make sure that this is the last
wolf hunt in Michigan," Jill Fritz, Keep Michigan Wolves Protected Director said.


Michigan Wolves Protected has been the main organization fighting the NRC and DNR.


hey have already submitted a quarter million signatures to get a referendum placed on the
November 2014 ballot.


We will hope that voters will rejected both laws that allow the wolf to be hunted in Michigan

," Fritz said.


hey want voters to have the chance to decide if the state can hold a wolf hunt and if the
NRC is allowed to designate game species.


owever in the time being


DNR plans to move forward with research to determine if this year's harvest was a success or failure.


We are going to learn from what happened and look at that in terms of future recommendations to the
NRC, who has final authority on whether or not a hunt takes place and what that will look like," Golder said.


efore the wolf hunt began in
November, Michigan's Upper Peninsula had more than 650 wolves.