Flight departing Traverse City returns for emergency landing

Crews worked through the plane in hazmat suits looking for the source of the smoke.

A plane heading to Detroit was forced to turn back to Cherry Capital Airport after passengers and crew members smelled burning plastic.

Delta flight 6068 took off from Traverse City at 9:05am Thursday.

7&4's Arielle Berlin is a passenger on the flight. She reports emergency crews are dressed in hazmat uniforms and checking over the plane trying to find the source of the burning.

"The smell was horrible and as soon as the alarm starting blaring all of us knew something wasn't right," Berlin said.

Airport Director Kevin Kline says no issues or fires were found and they don't know what caused the smoke detectors to go off. Berlin reports that some passengers may be getting back on the same plane for their flight.

"I wish they had found something concrete wrong with the plane if I'm about to get back on it," Berlin said. "I'd like to know what was wrong because I know something was very wrong when I was on board."

Check back for further details as they are gathered.