Fog and rain giving way to icy roads and snow

This was scene across much of Northern Michigan this weekend and will continue Monday.

After quite the soggy weekend across Northern Michigan, we are set for a brief return to some winter weather Monday night and Tuesday.

Low pressure sitting offshore of Frankfort Monday morning will lift right across Northern Michigan during the day keeping extensive cloudiness around along with bouts of drizzle and rain showers along with patchy fog.

On the colder, backside of this storm system across Wisconsin/West and Central Upper Michigan rather than rain, they dealt with snow. In fact, areas around Marquette tallied 7-8" of wet/heavy snow Sunday night into Monday morning.

Northern Michigan will see that switch from rain to snow Monday night as well as temperatures will fall out of the 40's back into the low/mid-20's Monday night. This will first of all switch rain over to snow showers but more noteworthy, it will also freeze up any water from the recent rain and drizzle into ice on the area roads. That could set up quite the slippery commute for Tuesday morning on untreated roads. Snow showers will be with us much of Tuesday through Tuesday evening with anywhere from 1-4" of snow expected by Wednesday morning.

Sunshine returns Wednesday afternoon to Northern Michigan.