Foggy, mild morning gives way to scattered rain

A system passing through the Great Lakes region will bring northern Michigan more passing showers Thursday.

Most woke up Thursday morning to some thick fog, which began to disappear mid-morning. We also had some light rain showers or drizzle in parts of the Central Lower and E. U.P.

A good portion of Thursday will have a lot of cloud cover, but we will see some sun too. A lot of us will also remain dry throughout the day, but showers will make a return during the afternoon. A line of rain, and possible storms, will start on the Lake Michigan side and move eastward across the state throughout the evening. Temps will rise from the 50s and 60s into the 70s for the afternoon. Winds Thursday are out of the SW at 5-15mph with gusts in the low 20s.

The cause of the rain Thursday is a low pressure system located over northern Minnesota Thursday morning, which will pass over Lake Superior into Canada, bringing a cold front along with it.

As the system pushes eastward, we'll remain mostly dry overnight into Friday.

With mostly cloudy skies, you'll want to peek at the "Strawberry" or "Honey" Moon - the nicknames for the full moon occurring Thursday night/early Friday morning. This is the first time since 1919 that this full moon and Friday the 13th have coincided.

How nice Friday is depends on where you'll be. The further south you are the more sun you'll see, the further north, the more clouds and better chance for a passing shower. Friday will be breezy, with NW winds at 10-20mph and gusts to 30mph. Cooler temps Friday, with highs in the upper 50s and low 60s.

The weekend will have warmer weather, and some sunshine. We will see the chance for scattered storms Sunday afternoon, but as of now it doesn't look to ruin your day.