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      Former Cheboygan teacher arrested for stealing drugs from co-workers

      Former kindergarten teacher, Tammy Lafrinere, 31, was charged earlier this week.

      A former Cheboygan kindergarten teacher was arrested after being accused of stealing prescription drugs from co-workers.

      T he teacher is now facing nearly a half dozen charges ranging from theft to home invasion.

      T he first reported incident was in May when 31-year-old Tammy Lafrinere was accused to stealing medications from a fellow teacher's purse at West Elementary School in Cheboygan.

      " Whenever she knew that someone might be out of the classroom , she seemed to be able to find the timing to go in and search," Kurt Jones, Cheboygan Public Safety Director said.

      P olice say over a three day span , L a frinere stole 90 Vicodin pills.

      A fter the first teacher turned her in , another stepped forward with an accusation from a couple months prior to this incident. T he second teacher claimed that Lafrinere broke into her home while she was away.

      " She unfortunately like many people got hooked on prescription s and then would go through any extreme to get more meds ," Jones said.

      S ince the incident , she has resigned from her job at West Elementary School.

      C heboygan Public Schools Superintendent Mark Dombroski says it is school policy not to comment on personnel matters.

      H owever , he says all job candidates through a thorough background check before anyone is hired.

      " I'm confident that our background checks are doing what they're supposed to be doing and that the employees here are here because they are passing those background checks ," Dombroski said.

      P olice say that Lafrinere had no criminal history prior to these incidents. They also say she has been cooperative with investigation and has recently admitted herself into rehab to help with her addiction.

      " You got to remember to ask for help in these types of situation and rely on parents and close friends and families to talk to you to try to help you through this ," Jones said.

      L afrinere is facing multiple charges and if convicted , could face up to 15 years in prison.