Former neighbors remember Trooper Butterfield

Trooper Paul Butterfield's former neighbors are mourning the loss of the fallen officer.

Police officers are mourning the loss of Trooper Paul Butterfield along with former neighbors of the fallen officer.

Up until two years ago, the trooper lived right across the street from Paul and Jan Gavlinski.

The couple is shocked and saddened after finding out about the life taken too soon.

Paul said he met with Trooper Butterfield over coffee this past Sunday.

The couple that lives just outside of Manistee remembers seeing the trooper outside his home and coming across the street to chat.

Jan said Trooper Butterfield enjoyed martial arts and taking care of his cats. She was friends with the trooper on Facebook and shared photos and memories.

The couple also shared their gratitude for Trooper Butterfield's service to the community.

â??I remember Paul as a very good neighbor. He lived right across the street from us and always a friendly wave. Always a friendly greetingâ?¦ it just shows the risk these guys take and gals take and hats are definitely off to them. It's a great service they provide. I, and we all should be grateful for,â?? said Paul Gavlinski.