Four Traverse City businesses broken into overnight

A small amount of cash was stolen from a safe at the Flower Station on West Front Street.

Four businesses near downtown Traverse City were broken into overnight Tuesday.

Officers first responded to Folgarelli's Market and Wine Shop around 11 p.m. Tuesday night. Officers said the suspect had fled the area after breaking a window in the back which activated an alarm.

"A canine search revealed that the suspect did not get inside, and we believe the individual was scared off when the alarm went off," said Traverse City Police Captain, Brian Heffner.

Other than the damage to the window, nothing was harmed or stolen from Folgarelli's.

Jere's Barber Shop, on South Oak Street, was broken into through a window. Police believe the suspect broke the window and unlocked the door from the inside. Nothing was stolen.

Owner, Jere Brown, says that he came into work around 7am on Wednesday when he found the rock that was used to break his window, and his business in disarray.

"Thrown everything out of my cupboards, even my refrigerator," said Brown. "Like I'm going to put my money in the refrigerator. But you know, I don't even keep anything in here. Worst thing they could steal would be tools."

Elite Dry Cleaners on West Front Street, which is connected to the barber shop, was also entered. A video recorder was stolen.

"Our officers were able to locate that," said Heffner. "It had been dropped down by the river area directly east of the building. So our evidence technicians are working, trying to get some evidence from that, that could possibly lead us to the suspects."

The Flower Station on West Front Street was also entered through a lower window. Thieves got into a safe and stole small amount of cash, the entire cash drawer along with it's contents, and dozens of long stem roses.

"Thankfully, thankfully, my husband does his deposits almost everyday so we didn't have a whole lot," said owner of The Flower Station, Margaret Edgington. "We had about $1,000 gone."

Police say the thieves then left behind a trail of roses stretching to the History Center, on Sixth Street.

"We believe all four of these break-ins are related," said Heffner. "We believe they were committed by the same individual or individuals, all of which were looking for cash and entered the buildings in similar ways by breaking glass and gaining entry that way."

Anyone with information about the break-ins is asked to call the Traverse City Police Detective Bureau at 231-995-5152.