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      Fraternity walks for a week for multiple sclerosis

      While many of their friends are on a tropical vacation, a group of fraternity brothers chose to spend their spring break walking for a good cause.

      Fifteen brothers from the Grand Valley Alpha Tau Omega chapter spent the past eight days walking from Allendale, near Grand Rapids, to Traverse City - all to raise money for multiple sclerosis.

      The guys raised almost $15,000 from their 160 mile walk.

      The walk took a little over three months to plan and organize. The fraternity brothers spent all but one night sleeping on the floors and benches of churches, and used their own personal funding for one night's stay at a hotel and food and drinks.

      Every penny earned is going to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

      The walk ended this afternoon at the TC History Center - celebrating with hot chili, sandwiches, massages, and cold beer. The mayor congratulated them, as did a member of the National MS Society.

      "What kept me going is the thought that I'm having a small amount of pain and it's temporary, it's going to end," said James Zyrek, secretary for the fraternity. "People with multiple sclerosis-it continues on through their whole life and gets progressively worse. That really kept me going and realizing I could finish through this."

      Many of the brothers discussed how much closer they became with each other, and how special it was to meet so many new people.

      The brothers of ATO hope to continue supporting the cause and that even more people walk next year.