Friends and family grieve loss of 31-year-old Cedar man

According to the Leelanau County Sheriffâ??s Office, Nachazel was hit at 12:42 a.m. on Bodus Rd at the intersection of Schomberg Rd.

Friends and family are grieving the loss of a 31-year-old Cedar man who was tragically killed on Saturday during a two-car accident in Centerville Township.

Brian Nachazel was driving home from his fiancé, Whitney Chandlerâ??s home just before 1 a.m. after checking on her because she wasnâ??t feeling well.

â??He was over because I wasn't feeling the greatest,â?? said Chandler. â??And he laid with me and was rubbing my forehead until I fell asleep and he even rubbed my feet."

According to the Leelanau County Sheriffâ??s Office, Nachazel was hit at 12:42 a.m. on Bodus Rd at the intersection of Schomberg Rd.

Family members say he was just three miles away from home.

A 16-year-old Lake Leelanau teen was driving with a 17-year-old front seat passenger, Drake J. Hendershot of Empire, as well as a 16-year-old back seat passenger of Maple City. All three are students from Glen Lake School Community Schools.

Nachazel was traveling east on Bodus Rd in a 2004 Ford pick-up when he was hit by the 16-year-old driving a Nissan. The Nissan sped through the stop sign hitting Nachazel on the driverâ??s side. Nachazelâ??s truck was pushed into a power pole where the pole snapped off. Nachazel's truck then rolled over. He was ejected out the driverâ??s side window as the vehicle rolled.

According to the sheriffâ??s office, Nachazel died from being thrown out from the vehicle.

Nachazelâ??s friends and family say theyâ??re trying to stay strong and remember him and his many loves in life.

Chandler says he was the type of person who put others before himself.

â??He was just such a happy, caring person and he was just loving and kind,â?? said Chandler.

They say he was getting ready to start school to become an electrician, that he loved golf, food, and had a very unique laugh that lit up any room that he walked into.

"He was just one of the most wonderful, caring persons you ever would want to know or meet in your life," said his mother, Laura Nachazel.

â??There's not enough words to describe Brian," said his sister, Rebecca Goff.

All three of the teens in the Nissan were not wearing seatbelts and were taken to Munson Medical Center with serious injuries.

According to the Leelanau County Sheriffâ??s investigators, a third vehicle, friends of the Nissan, were following behind and witnessed the accident.

â??Witnesses in that car basically alluded to the fact that they were out basically trying to get air or trying to have a roller coaster type ride while they were on the road,â?? said Leelanau County Sheriff, Mike Borkovich. â??Which obviously we refer to that as a reckless operation of a motor vehicle. So it appears the kids were out being kids and not being smart at all whatsoever but in doing what they did obviously they cost a life of the individual at the scene.â??

The accident is still under investigation.

Nachazelâ??s family says that a burial service will take place on Tuesday at 11 a.m. at the Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Cedar.

The sheriffâ??s department says that counselors will also be available for staff, students, and community members at Glen Lake Community Schools. The superintendent says they are still trying to determine an exact date.