Frigid weather to start the week, but a warm up is on the way!

Arctic high pressure has moved into the Great Lakes, giving us another cold night Sunday - but warmer weather is headed our way!

Temperatures Sunday night will once again be well below zero for most of us. Although areas closer to the lakes will be closer to 0, areas inland across the L.P. and in the E. U.P. will have a better chance of hitting temps near -25 degrees.

Monday will be another day similar to what we've been seeing - sunny, but extremely cold with most of us not reaching 10 degrees. Wind will be out of the NW at 5-15mph - giving us wind chills to -30. Remember to keep pets indoors and limit your own time outside in this kind of weather.

As a weak cold front moves through, we bring in a chance of light snow showers late Monday and keep them around throughout Tuesday - very scattered.

The good news is - we start to edge the mercury up! Tuesday & Wednesday we have highs in the teens. Thursday we see more 20s, and despite having our next chance of snow arrive Friday, we see some 30s to round out the week.

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