Frosty start to the Memorial Day Weekend

While frost is possible Friday night, sunshine will dominate the Memorial Dat Weekend weather.

Frost developed across parts of Northern Michigan Thursday night and could be an issue Friday night as well.

The coldest temperature the 7&4 Storm Team found was at Irons in Lake County where a viewer emailed in a 24F degree temperature. Grayling, Indian River, and Atlanta all dipped down to 27F overnight with slightly warmer temperatures along the lakeshore.

High pressure will dominate our weather through the Memorial Day Weekend keeping any clouds at bay and allowing for sun filled days and clear crisp nights.

There is one more night with frost potential Friday night/early Saturday morning as temperatures will quickly fall once the sun goes down. Once again, our coldest inland locations will see upper-20's overnight.

Temperatures over the weekend will slowly warm with 50's Friday giving way to 60's Saturday/Sunday and we will be up to around 70F Memorial Day. The next chance for rain will hold off until Tuesday as a warm front will push in with a few showers/thunderstorms in the forecast next Tuesday through Thursday. With that warmer air pushing in, highs next week could get back up to 80F by Wednesday.