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      Gas prices down for this year's holiday travel

      M illions of Americans are getting ready to hit the roadways for one of the busiest travel days of the year.

      T raffic is just starting to pick up in Petoskey and many other northern Michigan towns, both on the roads and at the gas pumps.

      "I t's hard to travel around with gas prices so high ," Donald Lucky, holiday traveler said.

      I f you're filling up in Petoskey, you'll experience some of the highest prices in northern Michigan. But once you start traveling south, the numbers starts to drop.

      I n Traverse City, it's six cents cheaper per gallon and according to MichiganGasPrices, the best bargain in Detroit is $3.02 a gallon.

      " That has come up about eight cents a gallon in the past week , but when we look at where we were a year ago it's a tremendous difference ," Gregg Laskoski, Senior Petroleum Analyst said.

      P rices have dropped quite a bit since last year , refineries are pumping out more oil in Canada and the midwest causing the prices to drop.

      " The national average is about $3.26 a gallon, a year ago it was $3.43," Laskoski explained. "We are seeing quite an improvement this year compared to last year."

      I f your traveling out of state , you are likely to find better prices overall.

      I n Ohio the average is $3.21 a gallon, Indiana $3.27, Illinois $3.32, and Wisconsin $3.15.

      B ut for some people , they simply choose to ignore the price tag and focus on more important things this holiday season.

      " Anything is worth it to be together with your family for Thanksgiving ," Michele Jacobsen, holiday traveler said.