Gas station double murder trial begins

Blake Hullihen is charged in the murder of the mother of his child and her live-in boyfriend in 2011.

Prosecutors are beginning to make their case that Blake Hullihen shot and killed the mother of his child and her live in boyfriend.

23 year old Gabriel Woodworth and 27 year old Donald Feneis, both of Sears, Michigan, were killed at a gas station near the intersection on M-115 and M-66 near Marion in December of 2011.

Investigators said there has been an on-going child custody dispute between Hullihen and Woodworth.

In a previous interview, Hullihen's parents said their son snapped after recently losing custody of the 6-year old little girl.

"So many times he would have to take her over there and she would be standing there saying please daddy don't make me go," Blakes father Dan said. "He had to go."

If convicted Hullihen could face life in prison.

Both the defense and prosecution presented their opening arguments on Wednesday. The trial is scheduled to run into next week.