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      Gaylord homeless shelter close to closing its doors

      The countdown has started for an Otsego County homeless shelter, they have 11 days to raise more than $150,000 or they will have to close their doors for good.

      "If they close then every step that the people here have taken are gone, we fall back to right where we were, being homeless again," said resident Garrett Smith.

      The Friendship Housing Center wanted to put a millage on the November 2014 ballot in hopes of receiving help from the community.

      7&4 News spoke with Chairman Lee Olson of the Otsego County Board of Commissioners who said the board initially passed a vote in June to put the language on the ballot. But at last weeks meeting more than 100 people showed up to the meeting, many saying tax dollars shouldn't cover the millage.

      The board then went back on their original decision and took the millage off the ballot.

      Now as the closing date approaches residents and staff are trying to find out where to go from here.

      "We sort of feel like the residents a little bit, you know, we've been displaced," said Vicky Rigney, Friendship Housing Center Board President.

      Olson tells 7&4 News it comes down to whether county tax payers should foot the bill or local donors.

      Those he spoke with in the community say they don't want it coming out of their pocket.

      Olson says the only way they could possibly put it on the ballot now is if they received a petition with hundreds of signatures.

      If the shelter closes it will put 33 people back on the streets including 11 children.