Gaylord hosts 9th annual Christian music festival

The 9th annual Big Ticket Festival takes place at the Otsego County Fairgrounds June 19th through June 21st.

If you like Christian music and having fun, Gaylord is the place for you this weekend.

The 9th annual Big Ticket Festival is taking place at the Otsego County Fairgrounds.

Festival officials are expecting ten thousand people to attend each day this weekend and say the festival has something for everyone.

â??To put together a party for God, it has to be as huge and as mind-blowing as we possibly can imagine,â?? said Drew Spanding, Big Ticket Festival Coordinator. â??So that's what we did.â??

The Big Ticket Festival is one of the largest Christian music festivals in the nation. This year it was expanded to four days, and also includes rides, food and shopping. With over 60 artists, music is the highlight of the event.

"Music is a way that people can connect with God and sometimes it's more difficult to do than just by talking,â?? said Spanding. â??Music connects to a different emotion.â??

Bands from all across the nation came up for the festival, such as The JJ Weeks Band from Atlanta.

â??It's fun, there's a lot of energy on the stage, there's a lot of energy in the crowd,â?? said Robbie Fritz, drummer for The JJ Weeks Band. â??We love it. We feed off of that, and we feed off each other on the stage, so it's always a good time.â??

The event also includes motivational speakers from around the world. Nick Vujicic shared the challenges of living with no limbs.

â??Music is a way of bringing hope and encouraging that message to all people, so I try to be part of a bigger stage and try to reach thousands of people," said Vujicic.

Organizers started the event solely as an event for kids, but after the years it began to grow.

â??This is an experience and it's really authentic,â?? said Spanding. â??There are so many people here, you meet new friends everybody's really friendly. Everybody is having a great time everyone kind of having this cool spiritual experience together.â??

The festival runs June 19th through June 21st. Day passes can be purchased at the door for 45 dollars.