Gaylord to make decision on medical marijuana dispensaries

Gaylord to make decision on medical marijuana dispensaries

OTSEGO COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- The city of Gaylord will need to decide soon on whether to keep allowing medical marijuana dispensaries in town.

Several dispensaries in Gaylord are still empty after recent police raids.

People both for and against medical marijuana have gone to the city seeking some clarification on the rules that govern dispensaries.

The city council will be discussing the issue, and most likely voting on it later this month.

The state of Michigan is putting new licensing laws in place. The city council will have the choice to opt out, preventing anyone from running a dispensary in the city.

“It seems like this issue never goes away for us here," said City Manager Joe Duff. "It continues to come up and we have to deal with it on a regular basis and we felt that it was high time that possibly the council will, we can seek some relief from the council one way or another."

If the council votes to allow the dispensaries to stay, they will have to come up with new rules about where they can go and how they can operate so the dispensaries can be lisenced by the state.

Either way the vote goes, certain medical marijuana caregivers will still be allowed, but possibly not the store fronts.

That city council meeting will take the issue up when they meet on September 25.

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